Export your lightboxes to PDF

Send moodboards or model selections to your clients or to your team, or print them.

Now, if you have a Pro membership on Litmind, you can export your lightboxes to PDF, an ideal tool to share model selections with your client or a moodboard with reference images with your team, for example.

  • PDF files are easy to share.
  • They can be viewed in virtually any computer, mobile device or tablet without installing anything.
  • When you print them, you get an exact paper copy.
Download this example PDF
  • Add your logo and the text you need to the PDF header.
  • If you want, add the private notes you took using the lightboxes tool.
  • Protect the PDF with a password for added security.
  • Optionally add links to Litmind profiles, or get a PDF without any references to Litmind.
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